Things To Know About Dissertation Editing Process

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If you do not edit your dissertation, you should understand that your instructor may take off certain points that contribute more or less to your final grade. Some students, who do not edit their papers, do not get a proper grade. So, here are some things you have to know about your dissertation editing process.

The snowball effect

In a way, editing can snowball. It starts off really small and then, the edits get bigger till you incorporate certain changes to your research paper or dissertation. At times, editing does not get very extensive and is needed only for dissertations that have been written extremely well as a touch up. When you think of editing that way, then it is easy to understand how extensive the process can be or get.

Read your dissertation twice

There are minor edits that you can do to check for spelling errors in your dissertation. You should use the remaining time to check for spelling errors that are glaring such as typos and mistakes in grammar that you may have missed in the first round of checking. Minor edits such as grammar checks are usually done so that you can check whether the structure of the sentences is correctly done. In a way, it is better since the editor of the dissertation should not be able to catch too many mistakes.

Print out your dissertation

Even though it might feel like you are wasting paper, you really are not. When you print out your dissertation, you can actually see the mistakes that you have made properly. This will help you catch any structural errors that you have made in your dissertation. You could also check whether this step works or not when it comes to proofreading your dissertation. This will help you understand your mistakes better and correct them.

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