Dissertation Proofreading Services

Dissertation proofreading is a task that follows iterations, revisions and precedes printing. After the dissertation proofreading has been corrected for content, our proofreaders at EditnPublish use their expertise to look for typographical errors, grammatical errors, errors in syntax, format and language consistency. A thorough proofreading of the dissertation by APA Editing Services ensures that the document is publish-ready. Impress your reviewing committee/dissertation chair with a perfect dissertation proofreading by opting in for our service.The team of skilled proof-readers associated with us leaves no stone unturned in eliminating all kinds of errors from your dissertation. Proofreading being our highly acclaimed service, we have been turning draft writings into impeccable dissertations proofreading ready for publication since 2005. While services are recommended for experienced authors, if you are a first-time author, we would recommend our editing service.

The key areas which we check while doing dissertation proofreading include the following

Our proficient & swift experts ensure timely delivery

Language and Spellings


Subject-Verb Agreement

Sentence Structure

Consistency of Tense

Research scholars across the globe find it troublesome to remove language errors from their completed dissertations. With our quality services, we at EditnPublish, make it super convenient for scholars to get rid of their linguistic errors Why should you opt for our affordable service by our dissertation editors APA?
Your document remains secure in our servers, and editors do a blind editing/review on it. We do not share your document as our samples or publish it even after job completion.
You can opt for 1 day to 2 weeks turnaround time depending on your requirement. We are open 24X7 and work delivery happens round the clock on all days.
Satisfaction Guarantee
Our dissertation proofreading service is guaranteed for timely delivery and quality of work. If any of them is not fulfilled, we shall refund the full amount of the service paid for.
How to Order
To get error-free documents which get accepted on the very first-submission basis, or to know more about our dissertation proofreading Services, contact our expert proof-readers today at info@editnpublish.com