Multiple Round Editing Services

At times, a single round of editing might not be enough for research documents to achieve ready-for-publication quality. It is at this stage that the role of multiple round editing services comes to play. Unlike single-round editing, multiple round editing can ensure higher probability for publication approval and/or an approval by your supervisor.

What is Multiple Round Editing?

Well, multiple round editing is the process of editing research papers for multiple times so as to strengthen the content’s quality while eliminating errors ensuring that the papers are ready for submission to journals.

Scope of work in multiple round editing

Structural Coherence – proper connectivity between chapters will be checked.

Vocabulary – editors will ensure correct choice of words

Language – grammatical errors, typographical errors and fragmented sentences will be corrected

Citation style – paper will be checked for uniformity in citation style

Validity of information – it will be ascertained that all information within paper is 100% valid and reliable


Mentioned above is an iterative process followed for every manuscript that is submitted to us as per multiple round editing service.

Advantages of choosing EditnPublish’s multiple round editing services

Time-saving – Our editors ensure there is no wastage of time involved with re-submitting the paper, sending it for editing and receiving the final version from the editor.

More polished final product – By reviewing your paper multiple times, we ensure a clean and crisp nature of your manuscript (thesis/dissertation).

Add-on elements within the final paper – By getting your paper reviewed via multiple round editing , you can expect addition of unique elements that can enhance your paper’s performance.

Higher approval chances – Availing our multiple round editing service entitles you to a 100% approval chances for your completed manuscript. Whether you are seeking a journal acceptance or your supervisor’s approval, we assure you of getting an instant approval on first-time submission basis.

Getting your manuscript edited multiple times assures you of 100% confidentiality in terms of manuscript and your personal details. We never share your paper’s details with any third-party.
For our multiple round editing services, you can expect to hear from us within 4-12 days. You can avail our 24/7 customer support service.
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