Copy Editing Services

Copyediting is considered to be one of the most important concerns of every research scholar who dreams of submitting a flawless dissertation/thesis. At EditnPublish with our Copy Editing Services, we respect this concern of students and thereby help them in getting away with all the unwanted formatting and style issues that might have cropped into the paper while it was being created.Our copy editors ensure that your raw text, or copy, is correct in terms of spellings and grammar and is clearly stated to convey your ideas to the readers. We will also remove any embarrassing errors of fact and logical mistakes from your manuscript.

Scope of work in Copy Editing Services:

Is the document long/short? Illustrations, graphs, if any, should not be missed. All preliminary sections (title, table of contents, abbreviations used, etc.) should be placed in the right format, as well as pages at the end such as glossary and appendices should be added.
Content and structure
Is anything missing or redundant? Is the order of writing logical? Other similar questions will be checked for.
Illustrations and tables should confirm with the text and captions, as should chapter headings and running heads with the table of contents of the document.
Illustrations and graphs
Illustrations should support the text and have appropriate descriptions and captions. The copy-editors will also ensure that all artwork is suitable for publishing.
Our creative and experienced copy editors will finesse your prose so that it confirms with all the conventions of good academic or fiction writing. We also make sure the document’s syntax is consistent, writing adheres to the conventions of grammar (US or UK), and that the choice of words is as per the publishing standards.
100% guaranteed confidentiality. We delete all your files within 30 days of order completion.
Opt for 1-14 day’s delivery as per your requirement.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied, this copy editing service is free for you.
How to Order
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