PhD Dissertation Vs Book

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You’ve heard the following advice before, no doubt, but it is worth repeating! Once the Dissertation is finished you’ll feel compelled to publish it right away .Resist the urge.The initial revision of your manuscript should be attempted […]

Protection of Others’ work used in your dissertation – A guide for PhD Candidates

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You need not obtain permission for those who work in the public domain, that is, works with no copyright protection or those with expired copyrights. Academic honesty, however, mandates that you acknowledge all sources in your dissertation, […]

Guidelines to help eliminate bias in scholarly writing

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  1. Substitute gender-neutral words and phrases for gender biased words. A common mistake is the inadvertent use of sexist terms that are deeply entrenched in our culture , such as chairman instead of chairperson, mothering instead of […]

Best Dissertation Editing Services For Research Scholars

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Are you a research scholar pursuing a Ph.D. or thinking to take Dissertation Editing Services? 

Are you concerned about how good your dissertation or thesis will be? 

Are you worried about […]