Peer Review Service for Manuscripts

Peer Review is a popular activity among scholars and academic writers. Authors of journals, articles, books, theses, and dissertations often involve their peers for review of their document before finalizing. There is a difference between this form of review and those that are done by editors and proofreaders.

At EditnPublish, our team of peer reviewers look for answers to the following questions while assessing the manuscripts:

Are the methods employed by the student sufficient to answer the questions?

Are the methods used in the correct manner?

Are the analyses and tests appropriate for research problem in hand?

Are the derived conclusions supportable by the model and analyses?

Are there any other comparable methods or approaches that may be considered for providing more insight for the specific task under review?

Scope of work in Manuscript Peer Review Service

Our peer review experts scan the manuscripts and provide rating/comments on the following grounds:

Peers will check for :

With a team of qualified manuscript peer reviewers on-board, we ensure our clients benefit to the fullest. Our Peer Review Service for Manuscripts also includes editing the paper for grammatical and language flaws. Our recommendations can surely improve your manuscript before submission.
With 100% customer confidentiality clause attached to Manuscript Peer Review service, our clients can be rest assured about the safety of their data.
Our manuscript peer review service comes with a turnaround time of 7-14 days.
Satisfaction Guarantee
Our manuscript peer review service is accompanied with guaranteed customer satisfaction.
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