Some thought-provoking career options for Ph.D.: you surely have choices!!

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  1. Research Analyst: These days there is an excessive demand for research analyst in almost all industries. In fields such as electronics, IT and biotechnology, they particularly have a crucial role to play. The job of an analyst is to gather a thorough understanding of the commercial landscape in alignment with the specified sector. As research expert, a Ph.D. can contribute to analyzing large amount of information and identify the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the brand or the product.
  2. Intelligence Analyst: This profile is again about future forecasting by the current situation of the products of the competitors and the information about their future strategy. A researcher has the skill to convert the information about the opponent into actionable intelligence for the business. The analyst would help the company to identify the opportunities and threats that exist in PESTLE for the company. PESTLE (the acronym for external environment factors which expands to Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental).
  3. Management Consultant: Firms have moved ahead with a progressive approach to hiring more and more Ph.D. for the post of management consultants in the current times as compared to the past when the preference was for merely MBA. The best and most reputed global consulting firms have specialized job opportunities for Ph.D.s. You must be aware that as a Ph.D. who gets hired for the post of a management consultant, you will be expected to exploit your problem-solving skills and come out with the most innovative skills for overcoming the problems. You would be expected to put in the team effort and exhibit effective leadership skills to derive feasible and successful strategies.
  4. Quantitative Analyst: D.s, particularly in the field of science have the opportunities to divert to the career of a quantitative analyst. A lot of financial institutions offer this kind of profiles. Most of the times, this kind of a job is about the prediction of trends in trade and hence deals with quantitative data analysis, financial research, and statistical modeling and pattern recognition. If you have your Ph.D. in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Engineering or Computers, you will be one of the most wanted persons for the position of a quantitative analyst.
  5. Operations Research Analyst: This is linked more with the production aspect of an organization, and you would find more positions like these in the manufacturing units. You would be required to dig into complex problems related to operational issues such as inventory management, supply chain and maximizing production with minimal waste. Again, a proactive approach for which Ph.D.s are in demand in all sectors, practically.

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