Why Research Papers Need To Be Plagiarism-Free

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Plagiarism, as Wikipedia says, is a wrongful appropriation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas or expressions and the representation of them as one’s own original work. Research papers, on the other hand, contains original research results or reviews existing results. Hence, research papers should not contain any copying/plagiarism from others sources unless giving credit where it is due. There is also a concept of self-plagiarism where in a person fail to provide the citations given in the original work.


One of the main reasons for plagiarism today is the increase in the usage of internet activity. There are so many sources to get information for any given data. Publishing houses and many institutes do not consider plagiarized research papers as it would lead to an illegal activity. Objective of any institution is to gain new knowledge in any field and copying is not acceptable. It would lead to the legal issues of intellectual property/copyrights of someone else. Also, there may be instances where in one can find employment solely based on the stolen research paper. This may lead to risk to the employer.


In the field of journalism, journalists are suspended from reporting activities when the plagiarism charges are investigated against them. In academia, students are given punishments such as low grade on a particular assignment/entire course, or even being expelled from the institution. Different institutes have different understanding and different structures to deal with plagiarism. Researcher has to understand their particular plagiarism rules in order to write an effective content.


In order to get a good grade in the institute and in order to behave ethically and perform better in the corporate world, one as to prepare content, which is free of plagiarism. Researchers needs to be careful while editing and by checking plagiarism content with many online detectors and anti-plagiarism software available. Researchers can also avoid plagiarism by citing sources, quoting and paraphrasing. One has to also take adequate care of self-plagiarism.


It is very difficult in the modern world to write a perfect research paper as one may blindly copy content from web and other sources which in themselves do not have original citations. In such cases, research writers can seek advises from experts, who have considerable education and experience, in the field of editing services. A customized service with the expert is preferred as the student has to work closely with the editor.


Plagiarism free research paper makes a research writer to be confident of himself and his original work. He would be truthful, considerate and ethical in dealing with his research paper.

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