Why is editing service going speed up your proposal acceptance at Walden?

This entry was posted in Editor , on April 24 , 2017.

Q. How can your professional editors improve my proposal?

A. Graduate programs do not include writing training. As a result, most of the academicians are inept writers. Often naive scholars are seen using split verbs, dangle modifiers, complex adverbs and decorative adjectives. They often think that using complex sentences makes the proposal look attractive. However, a trained and professional editor would tell you about your most frequent errors and the ways to correct them. You may get to know grammar and style rules you may never know of and may have been repeating in your writing over and over again. Having a professional dissertation editor, especially on your proposal would give a polished and perfect look to your document.

Q. Walden in time bound in submission? Will involving an editor not eat up my already shrunk time frame?

A. Know that the lesser time you spend on the detail of your proposal, the faster you will be able to finish it. Paying for editing of your proposal will convert your proposal draft into a finished document that would be ready to submit in no span of time without putting that extra pressure on you. Moreover, an expert editor would be able to understand the requirements of the university more precisely and give you a proposal that would get accepted by your supervisor in the first attempt itself.

Q. Would a professional editor live upto Walden standards?

A. Before you finalise your editor and hand over the important task to him, it is important that you have articulated your topic in the university approved and the programme specific template offered by the university. In accordance with the programme you have chosen to do, you would have a set of guidelines to follow and you can intimate the editor about the same. If you have chosen the editor prudently, you wouldn’t have a problem of having someone able to live upto the standards.

Q. How do I choose the perfect editor for my proposal?

A. Draft out a list of professional editors and if possible read their testimonials and sample work done to understand their style of working. To be able to find someone whose style matches with yours is a difficult but important job that you must ensure to do well.

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