What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

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Editing is the first stage of correcting the research paper or dissertation. Editing is done after completing the first draft of research paper. During this stage of correcting the paper, lot of people get confused between editing and proofreading. It is very important to know the difference between editing and proof-reading, otherwise, it will result in a lot of confusions. To many people, both the terms have same meaning, which is an entirely wrong thinking. There are numerous dissertation editing companies that provide the students with different kinds of Thesis editing services, of which proof reading and editing are some of the important services.

The most common differences between the two services are –

  • Editing is the process of preparing the work for the readers, so that they find it easy to read the contents of the paper. Whereas, proofreading is the process of cleaning the paper, where the editor removes inappropriate information and adds relevant information to the paper.
  • Editing is involved with checking and correcting the terminology. While reviewing an academic paper, the editor’s role is to check if the terms are used properly or not. In proof reading, the proof reader has to correct the paper in the same way as a school teacher checks the test papers. In proof reading the terminology and meaning of the terms used is important, but the role of the proof reader is to focus on the rightness of the text.
  • Editing is the process, which needs to be done manually. Whereas, proofreading can be done with the help of various software available these days. The software corrects the errors automatically, and generates the final draft.
  • Proofreading can be said as the final stage of editing, and should be carried out only after finishing other types of editing and revisions.
  • Editing requires good English background, which only a professional editor will have. A professional editor will apply his grammatical and vocabulary knowledge in the process of editing, to make your paper look the best.

The goals of proof reading and editing overlap with each other. To know more about the differences, one can take the help of online writing companies that are available on the internet. Editing services for dissertation are provided to students who are unable to edit and correct their paper. Most of the students can write the dissertation or thesis with their writing skills, but, due to lack of editing skills, they fail to produce the final draft. Such students can take the help of dissertation editing services, which are provided by many reputed companies.

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