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EditnPublish offers guaranteed thesis editing services to PhD scholar. With a team of subject matter experts, we can help you submit a flawless thesis and avoid rejection. Our editorial team has honed the skill of editing a thesis and has eagle eyes to spot language errors and correct them.Our editors treat each piece of work with the care and attention and deliver a high-quality output for you. If you entrust us with your thesis editing, we will return to you the edited file with tracked changes mode. You would then be required to accept the changes and your thesis would now be ready for submission.

Scope of work in Thesis Editing Services

At EditnPublish, you can be certain that your thesis has undergone the most comprehensive editing possible on this planet. Our skilled editors look into the following aspects when you opt for our services:

Editors ensure your readers understand the logic of your argument. Also, the flow of thoughts and clarity in conclusion is checked in your paper.

We locate and correct misuse of punctuation marks like commas, semicolons and parenthesis.

Our editors will render a consistent scholarly style and voice to your writing so as to improve the readability of your document. It also ensures compliance with academic publishing guidelines.

Thesis is checked for the appropriate length of paragraphs keeping a single idea as the focus of each paragraph.

Editors check the thesis for common stylistic issues such as empty sentence openers (i.e. there are, it is), lengthy noun strings, wordy phrases, inappropriate use of the passive voice etc.

Editors scan the thesis for grammatical and spelling errors while improvising on the style and expression of thoughts.

Editors look for formatting issues within the theses, i.e. does the paper include an abstract, acknowledgment, list of acronyms, numbering of prefatory pages, etc.

The confidentiality of our clients is of utmost importance to us.Under no circumstances will we release any information regarding you or your PhD project to third parties.
A turnaround time of 2-14 days is available for our thesis editing service.
Satisfaction Guarantee
We do guarantee your 100% satisfaction as per our thesis editing service.
How to Order
For further queries regarding our thesis editing services, drop in your queries at

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