The Importance Of Clear Communication In Scientific Papers

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Scientific papers can be accepted for publication only based on certain factors – your statistical analysis, your research design, and above all, the interpretation of your results. Above all, they would consider whether the communication in your scientific paper has been clear or not. Here is why you should communicate clearly in your scientific paper.

Consider your audience

You are writing for journal reviewers and editors, who will decide whether to publish your scientific paper or not. You are also writing for readers of the journal, who may or may not have a passing interest in your research work. You are also writing for your peers and the others working in the same field as you in the hope that they will go through your paper and also build upon its results. You would need to write your scientific paper such that it is easily comprehensible. You may have invested a lot of effort and time in writing this article. Now, you have to make the article easy for everyone to read so that you can share the results of your research with them.

Remove the barriers

When you communicate clearly, you also remove the other barriers that block you from publishing the communication of the results of your research paper. If you use the non-standard abbreviations in your scientific paper, you make the understanding of your paper extremely difficult. Keep them to a minimum since readers would get confused otherwise. Your readers would be happy when you do not use these abbreviations often. Moreover, you should also use correct grammar. Find out whether you need to use the British or the American spelling in your scientific paper. This will prevent the editors from feeling frustrated while reviewing your paper. If you communicate clearly in your research paper, you can not only get your paper published but also see a positive response from the audiences.

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