Steps in Writing a Dissertation

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The most crucial stage of your educational journey begins when you start writing your dissertation. Your dissertation showcases your skills and capability in choosing a topic, conducting a research and presenting the findings with the help of a well written content.

Let us now discuss about the steps involved in writing a dissertation.


Selecting a topic


Your dissertation writing begins with choosing a good topic for research. It is advisable to not select a topic which requires intense research work that may span months. Even though it may be a lucrative idea as it will enhance the chance of your dissertation getting approved, but within the course of your dissertation you will face different challenges and may ultimately get confused and frustrated. Instead, select a topic that is relevant and gives you abundant scope of research and presenting your findings in an innovative manner.


Writing the Dissertation Proposal


Your dissertation proposal needs to contain dissertation title, objectives, literature review, research (elaborating the ideas of your research paper), methodology, potential outcomes, timeframe and references.


Conducting an Effective Research


You will now require conducting an effective research to get the answers for your research questions. You will require making a timeline for doing the research. You cannot do the research indefinitely or waste significant amount of time just choosing the right method of conducting the research. In fact, you will require time in writing the dissertation as well; for this reason you need to set a specific time frame to do the research work, the ways and planning to do it and the sources you are going to look for.




When you have gathered all the findings, you now need to write a mind-blowing dissertation. You need to start with writing the introduction, literature review and then draft the findings, methodology, evaluations and bibliography.


Editing your Dissertation


Editing is a crucial part of your dissertation. When editing, ensure the style of writing which your university recommends. Make sure that you follow the editing guidelines mentioned by your university. Do recheck the spellings, grammar, sentence formation, formatting, layout, table numbering, margins etc.


Getting Feedback


Before submitting your dissertation, it is important to get feedbacks from your peers. They may give you valuable insights about something to add or any error which you have ignored and needs to be corrected!

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