Set Your Goals Before Writing Your Essay

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An essay, written without a goal, ends up boring and tiring their readers. It is one of the common problems of graduate and post graduate students. The examination papers in these programs seek descriptive or essay type answers from students. Scholars have to write detailed, essay like answers that, for many, are not less than a threat. A majority claims that these answers are difficult to write and prepare. However, they aren’t that difficult.

Set Your Goals –

If you are a graduate or postgraduate scholar, and are concerned over the essay like answers, here is a trick for this tricky situation. During the examination hours, you need to act systematically. First of all, don’t panic. Stay calm.

Now, set a goal for every answer. To be precise, you have to decide what answer or conclusion you have to portray for a specific question. If you are allowed to make rough drafts on your answer sheet, note down your answer goals, in pencil. Sometimes, you even after knowing the answer, find it difficult to write it down, because of confusion. It happens with everyone during the examination hour.

Why Set Goals or Conclusions –

  • To have clear idea what you have to write for a particular question
  • To clear your essay type answers quickly
  • To evade confusions in the examination hall
  • To make your essay type answers more interesting
  • To work systematically

And of course, to secure better marks.When you are handed over the question paper in the examination center, you should read it through, and understand what every question says. Make out which questions, you are going to attempt (because in higher grade examinations, not all questions are mandatory). Ideally, you should try to finish off multiple and short answers, at first, as they assure full marks.

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