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This entry was posted in Academic Writing , on March 16 , 2019.

The academic world has seen more changes than the stock market as with every new research; the field is subjected to have some changes. The researcher has to consider many changes in the academic world, but here a few points to consider in your academic writing before getting it published :

AudienceConsider your audience before you even write your paper. The audience of a doctorate student will be the supervisor, committee members, and other scholars who will read your research paper for clarity of your research. The content of your research will be affected with the right audience in your mind for your research paper. But when you want your research paper to be published in a journal, you have to target a larger audience. The audience could be interested in your topic or not, the audience may like your writing style or may not, and audience may need your research paper for his research, or he may be reading it to gain knowledge. You never know the aim of your audience, and you have to keep everything in mind when writing for a broader audience.

PurposeAudience and purpose are interrelated. If the audience knows less than the writer, then the purpose of the paper is to give information, if the audience knows more or equivalent, then the purpose is to demonstrate the knowledge. As a student, the researcher is demonstrating the knowledge he has gained, but if you are aiming to get your research published as a book or in a journal, you have to keep the learned and shared knowledge in proportion.

The publicationWhen you are a naive researcher, writing the research paper for your doctorate is aimed at your organisation. The organisation and the structure have to be your priority after sorting out the purpose and audience of your paper. Every organisation has its guideline for the writing style and structure of the research paper. For publishing your research paper in a journal, go through the guidelines and the writing style of the publication to edit the document according to the organisation.

PresentationThe flow and the writing style of the research paper are covered with the writing of the document. Presentation matters when you are presenting your research to the committee or to the journal publication to get it published. The cover letter will explain the aim and objective of the research and why it is important for the academic strata.

When you consider these points in your academic writing, you build confidence for your research. With the inbuilt confidence in your research, your academic visibility increases.

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