Preparing Dissertation For Final Submission: Stepping the Stones

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The New Year is coming soon! So is the deadline for dissertation submission for you. As a PhD student, this simply means that you need to pull your socks up to prepare your dissertations for ultimate submission. And this is right where several problems pitch in. It is equally important to give proper finishing touches to your dissertation to avoid any rejection that can spoil your happy new year mood. Here’s help on what and how to save your new year as well as dissertation:

Analyzing The Proposal

You might have burned the midnight oil to research on the materials for your dissertation. It is equally important to prepare the Dissertation Proposal Editing with great care. Basically, it comprehensively describes what your presentation is all about. While preparing it, ensure that you include certain points. For example, while choosing the title or theme, you must have emphasized on the several issues that your dissertation must deal with. Now, it is the time to revisit your dissertation proposal to make sure you have covered all the things you mentioned in your proposal initially.

Editing The Dissertation

The rule of thumb is never to edit while you write. Let your thoughts pour on the papers- unedited. It is smart to start editing only when you feel like going through a ‘writer’s’ block’ stage. It gives a break from the monotony, thus keeping you re-inspired. It also makes sense that you resort to an online editor if you have no time to edit the documents. And hiring such services is surprisingly affordable these days.

Proofreading The Dissertation

Would you want your examiner getting diverted from your excellence just because of some silly mistakes and typos or ill-formatting that you have accidentally done on your dissertation? To avoid this, proof-reading your work is worth a try! Even if you are not too competent in doing it, a number of proofreading tools are right there to assist. You will find them bliss, especially when you are not quite comfortable with English.

Reviewing It

Before you submit your dissertation, it is more than important to revise and review it. In fact, it is essential even when you have edited and proofread it with great care. Skim through the work to see that you have not put any haphazard references. Also, check whether your writing carries a direct argument that responds to your main question. Finally, ensure that the title of your dissertation goes well with your content.

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