Points To Keep In Mind for Editing Medical Papers

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The general classification of papers submitted for review under Medical science is Original research papers, focus topic articles, interviews, profiles, and analysis, perspectives, reviews and case reports. Based on the type of research paper to be reviewed or edited, there are some general and some specific points to keep in mind.


General things consist of questions pertaining to is the article generates interest to the target audience, what are the major key points and strengths in the article? For the original research, reviewer needs to make sure that the similar research is not presented anywhere and proper citations are mentioned if any other source is used. Conclusions needs to be matched with the data presented and that appropriate & relevant tables and figures are used for presenting key findings.

In case of case reports, reviewer needs to see if it involves discussion regarding similar case reports and if the present case helps in treatment of the diseases. In Reviews, analysis and perspectives section, reviewer needs to check if the most recent literature in Medical sciences has been used for reviewing purposes. Also, in general, reviewer has to look if the article presented is in clear and concise manner and that the headings, structure of the article are presented in an easily understandable manner. In case of discrepancies, reviewer needs to sit with the author and understand the objectives of the article and provide effective editing services.

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