Journey of Academic Proofreading: The Highs and Lows

This entry was posted in Academic Writing , on September 27 , 2016.

Academic proofreading jobs come with both highs and lows. Ask academic proofreaders and they will reveal how they have proofread different forms of academic papers including conference papers, books, book chapters, journal articles and more.Very few academic proofreaders will find the job just enjoyable and see no negative sides.Most of the proofreaders will reveal that even though they may love the job, still there comes a time when they feel irritated and wish for a break or some refreshment.

Let us now discuss some of the highs and lows of academic proofreading.

Low- Inconsistent Grammar

There are times when the proofreader has to juggle through inconsistent grammar, incomprehensible jargons, spelling mistakes and much more. When the proofreader starts to check the academic paper, they often end up being confused and irritated. Some of the papers are written so bad that the proofreader finds it extremely difficult or overwhelming to correct the grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and even decipher the unfathomable jargons.

High- Presenting Vastly Improve Paper

A high point for the academic proofreaders is that even after juggling through inconsistent grammar, incomprehensible jargons, spelling mistakes and much more, they still manage to correct all the mistakes. Even though it may take significant amount of time for them to correct the mistakes, ultimately they are able to present vastly improve paper to the academic paper writer.

Low- Changing Deadlines

Often academic proofreaders complain of changing deadlines which mess up their work schedule. The fact is that the proofreaders schedule their work in accordance with the deadlines of different works which they receive. But there are times when the writer requests them to either give their work early or delay it. It surely causes them to reschedule their work, which leads to confusion and wastage of significant amount of time.

High- Experience on different subjects

Academic proofreaders get to proofread different forms of academic papers and journals on various subjects and topics including English, Physics, Chemistry, Communication, Law etc. This enhances their knowledge and in future they surely get preference and can even charge enhanced prices for academic proofreading.

Well, it won’t be wrong to say that as a coin has two parts, similarly being in academic proofreading profession has both highs and lows. A good academic proofreader overcomes the lows and gains experience from both the high and low points. Overall, they keep themselves motivated and focused on their work to offer the best proofreading services to their clients!

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