Importance of Citation compliance in a research paper

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Citation can be defined as the reference to any source for the information quoted in an academic work. In other words, citation is the abbreviated expression of the source that is inserted in the body of the research paper. Citation can be the combination of both letters and numbers, and the bibliography is the most common form of citation that is included in the research paper. The citation helps the readers to identify the source work and relocate it, if required. Citations also prove that the contents of the paper are well researched, and the researcher has addressed all the relevant issues. Most of the Thesis editing services offered by different writing companies, assure that the thesis provided by them have proper citation.

Most of the students fail to cite the sources properly, but from educational point of view, citation is of great importance. Citation plays a significant role in writing a research paper. Below are the points that show how important citation is –

  • The main idea behind any research paper is the distribution of thoughts and ideas. Citations in the research papers protect the researcher from the charge of plagiarism.
  • Correct citations contribute a lot to the attributes of your research paper. If the reader fails to find the referred source, then he/she may not trust the research work. Hence, one should cite the sources carefully.
  • Most of the experienced readers feel that, if the researcher cannot get even small details about his/her work correct, he/she cannot be trusted for big projects. His research work cannot be considered as dependable.
  • The teachers assign the work to the students to help them learn how to integrate the work of other researcher into their own thinking. Proper citations in the research paper show that the students learned a number of important things during his research.
  • Proper citations distinguish the experienced writers from beginners. Also, the paper that is written with proper citations shows the writing skills of the researcher.
  • Failing to cite proper resources violates the rights of the original writer. Hence, it is important to keep track of the sources, if you are using the ideas of others.

  • There are a number of academic writing firms that provide different kinds of Editing services for dissertation. If you are not aware of the citation styles and formats, you can take the help of any of these companies. They will edit your research paper with proper citations and references.

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