APA Formatting Tips for Dissertation

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Are you a student of psychology? Or writing a paper in the field of psychology? Then APA Format is the format you need to follow. You need to list down the References used and you might need to go for an APA Dissertation Editing too, to deliver a world class research paper. There are other tips also to complete a dissertation in APA format correctly, which we will cover later in this article.

This style is quite different from the others and the guidelines of this type of papers are also different from others. This guideline may not match with the guidelines in which you would have produced earlier dissertations. 

This style of formatting may take a while to learn, so the best you can do for yourself right now is choose a English Editing Company.

APA FORMATTING: American Psychological Association  has prescribed a style in which all the citations in the field of psychological, social sciences and education should be cited and is the official style of American Psychological Association. The basic guidelines of APA were first published in an article titled, Psychological Bulletin in the year 1929 which later got expanded in the American Psychological Association Publication Manual.

The Major Sections of APA Format and Basic Tips to have a Perfect Dissertation:

APA Style has 4 important sections: 

  1. Title Page.
  2. Abstract.
  3. Main Body.
  4. References.

Let us understand the basics related to APA Format Dissertation prescribed in the 6th Edition of the APA Manual.

  • Taking 1-inch margins from the four sides of a paper, make use of 8.5×11 inch paper.
  • Starting with the APA Title page, consequently number the pages in the right corner of the header.
  • Make use of fonts like Courier or Times New Roman, keeping the font size to 12 (for a clean and simple line, sans serif can also be used).
  • Keeping the right margin ragged, justify the text on to the left.
  • Double spacing between two paragraphs is recommended.
  • After all punctuation marks, use a space.
  • Make use of precise and short sentences.
  • Make use of active voice, avoid using passive voice.
  • Do not make use of biased language.
  • Do not make use of flowery language.

Once the basic rules are clear, we can now go on to the basic tips of APA Dissertation Editing: 

  1. Check out for the headings used: As most of the research styles use different fonts and sizes, it is confusing when it comes to APA format. Thus, taking a look at your dissertation is a wise decision, checkout for the font size to be Courier or Times New Roman and the size to be at least 12. 
  1. Checkout for any biased language: Making use of biased language in your dissertation is prohibited in APA Format. Thus look out for any biased language or sentence and evade it.
  1. Checkout for use of Capital letters: Many researchers or students conducting research in APA format for the first time may not be familiar where and when to use a capital letter. Make use of the following tips to ensure proper use of capital letters in your dissertation:
  • If Major words in your title, subtitles and headings are more than 4, make use of capital letters.
  • The names of courses and departments should be mentioned in capital letters.
  • Hypotheses and theories should not be in capital letters.
  1. Checkout for the numbers used: The numbering in your dissertation should be as per the guidelines of APA Format. The guidelines for using numbers in APA Format are:
  • Common fractions and common expressions should be spelled.
  • If a sentence starts with a number, it should not be numeric. It needs to be spelled.
  • If the numbers are below ten, spell out ( “seven categories” and not “ 7 categories). If numbers are above ten, numbers can be used. ( 14 categories).
  • Do not make use of the percentage sign (%) in texts, using the percentage sign in tables is accepted.
  1. Checkout for Tables, Figures and Charts: Any table or chart used in your dissertation must adhere to the guidelines of APA Format. Guidelines are :
  • Tables should be numbered consequently. And use of alphabets should be avoided such as “Table 1a”, “Table 1b”.
  • The table should be labelled with the contents in the table and numbering should be consequent.
  • For easy reading of the reader, name your rows and columns.
  • When the numbers are less than one make use of zero (“0.37” and not “.37”).

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