Doing PhD from Capella? Know these four important points while writing your dissertation

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Writing a successful dissertation for your PhD is an overwhelming task. If you are pursuing your PhD from Capella, then it is even bigger achievement. And therefore, to suit the standards of Capella, you need to make sure that you follow its guidelines thoroughly. Learn the four crucial points when writing your dissertation for helping in planning and completing your degree program.

  1. The Proposal

When you finish your doctoral coursework, you need to select certain topics in which you wish to do your research. You need to first prepare and develop the research plans and methodology to obtain approval of your research plan and topic from the guide and the committee. At Capella, you require breaking down your proposal into the following steps and cite down the estimated time for completing each task. The completion time may differ from one research topic to the other. Know just the estimated time and the steps which you need to write.

  • Research ethics education (2-3 weeks)
  • Approval of the topic (6-8 weeks)
  • Guide approved research plan development (12-15 weeks)
  • Getting the Committee approval of your research topic (12-15 weeks)
  • Scientific merit review (12-15 weeks)
  • Approval from IRB (12-15 weeks)
  1. Research and Data Collection

To start, you require first indulging in a conference call with your guide and the committee, before you focus completely on research and data collection. They will provide you some guidance on the ways to approach your research. You may remain in touch with your mentor all the while.

  • Conference call for data collection (2 weeks)
  • Data collection (12-15 weeks)
  1. Compilation

With the collected data, you need to start compiling your dissertation, including chapters outlining the complete background of your study, literature review which supports your research, data collection and analysis details, results and final evaluation and interpretation. When compiling your dissertation ensure to follow the guidelines of dissertation writing. Do follow the formatting guidelines as well.

  1. Editing

Editing forms a crucial part of dissertation writing. You can follow the approach of editing when completing chapters after chapters. You can then ensure final proofreading and editing of your dissertation when you have finally completed your dissertation. You can even take external help for dissertation editing and make sure to hire an experienced and qualified proofreader for the job!

Follow the four important points and ensure great dissertation writing!

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