DIY: Stress-Buster Tips for Editing Your Thesis

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They say that researching, analyzing and writing your thesis are the most significant parts of the ‘PhD ride’. ‘They’ got it right! But what if all these parts are ignored when the readers find your thesis unreadable and unclear? Well, all those hours of sitting in front of your screen will go to waste! That’s where Editing comes into the picture as a savior from the failure! Here’s how you can edit your thesis in a fast forward way:

Exchange Your Thesis with Your Friend

Going through all those pages again can be tiresome and frustrating. After all, we aren’t robots that can concentrate for long hours on the same research. So, exchange your thesis with a friend’s and edit his/her document.

Benefit: It will help you understand those writing mistakes that you couldn’t find before. As now, you will be the reader.

Sit Down to Edit with Refreshment

‘To save yourself from getting bored, take a sip from coke’. Well, there’s no hard rule, you can use other drinks as well. Some may say that working with drinking or eating is a bad combination. On the contrary, I find them perfect. Long sips of your favorite drink between editing the thesis can not only relax you but give you a ‘tiny-miny’ break.

Benefit: A tasty editing

Find Your Spot

Not the same one as Sheldon Cooper! Find a place that soothes your senses, eases the pain in your shoulders and energizes your brain. It could be your balcony, your morning-walk-park, your old cranky bed or your kitchen counter. Anywhere that can help you concentrate.

Benefit: Editing will be fun

Start From the Start

Read your thesis chapter when you are done writing it. Don’t stall and wait until you complete your whole thesis. This will help you save a lot of time.

Benefit: Zero panic level

Get a Professional Help

This last tip is the easiest one! There is no other way to say it, but, putting your load onto someone else’s shoulder is down-straight fun! Your only job will be to look for a reliable and experienced editing service and you’ll be good to go!

Benefit:You won’t have to do anything

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