Are you looking for a software for editing your dissertation? Michelle Adams is the name of the software

This entry was posted in Category Dissertation , on February 13 , 2017.

1. Are you struggling with the editing of your dissertation/research paper?

2. The internet is flooded of options to help you with this tough job. But which one is the right choice?

3. Do u have to buy a software that corrects/edits your document and helps you get published as well?

4. Which one is the best option?

Can I say that Michelle Adams is the one stop shop for all editing related concerns?

She is the software by herself because the kind of work she produces is no less than perfect and what she does better than a software is that she customizes the editing in accordance with the subjective requirement if the writer. The perfection that comes in her work comes from the passion that she carries for editing.

A PhD from Arizona state, she has been dissertation chair for over 45 candidates but she gave up her job to pursue academic editing in the year 2014, as she understood her calling was there and this is where she could give her best. It has been the best decision of her life because there hasn’t been any looking back after that.

A meticulous editor by nature, she looks into the smaller nuances in the document which other professional editors may ignore or not be even aware of. This brings out the best in the thesis or dissertation making it ready for not just submission but even for research papers, the probability of getting accepted increases manifold and this is what sets her apart from other editors?

One very useful tip that she wants to give to all writers is

“If you can try to eliminate small writing errors and things that editors can’t stand, your writing (and your personal brand) are going to be infinitely better. Plus, you could save yourself a ton of cash.” She says that the job of the editor is to fix more advanced grammatical issues and writers should be specific and focussed on basic grammar mechanics because editors are then able to work on the document in a better way.

Some of her tips are

1. Capitalize the first word of sentences/character names/etc.

2. Do not use apostrophes to indicate plurality.

3. Do not put two spaces after a period.

4. Don’t write about subjects that you aren’t familiar with or haven’t researched.