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Still struggling with issues in your dissertation proposal? Is committee giving you tough time?Our editing services is an honest service that offers support to make your proposal submit ready. All our native English editors hold doctoral degree from reputed Universities across the world. Most of our editors have experience in publishing with reputed journals and  have gone through this process themselves.Poor English or non-compliance with academic guidelines dilutes the quality of research. Our editing services is the best bet to strengthen your first research document. We understand that research scholars have deadlines to meet and remain time-starved during the course of PhD. Since, research proposal is the first step to get started in PhD/EdD or PsyD, it is important to put your best foot forward and infuse confidence in your committee with your proposal. Our editors perform a thorough check, edit your dissertation proposal and make layout changes that will increase its approval chances.

Scope of work in Dissertation Proposal Editing Service

Structural Consistency
Here, editors check whether the proposal ties paragraphs together logically. This is important for providing a strong support to research conclusions.
Grammar and Spelling
Plain or complex grammatical and spelling errors can easily turn off your readers. Our editors inspect your proposal for removing any errors in grammar or spelling, making your paper logical and easy-to-interpret.
Choice of Words
Possessing the knowledge of all the correct terms and words that need to go into a dissertation proposal, we will look into making your proposal clear and precise.
We ensure your proposal conforms to the format prescribed by your University. We take care of citations and quotes used in the proposal. We perform a thorough check of punctuation, italics and capitalization as well.
We offer customized dissertation proposal to meet the varied requirements of doctoral candidates. Some candidates need more of language editing, while for some, coherence of the document remains the key issue. Our services serves as a tool to check on the language mistakes, structural issues and formatting compliance. Our service ensures quality and timely delivery of your proposal, assured with a money back guarantee.
Clients choosing our dissertation proposal editing service can be rest assured about the 100% confidentiality of their document.
With a turnaround time of 2-14 days, clients can get their document quickly with the desired quality.
Satisfaction Guarantee
If your proposal is not edited as per the quality mentioned on this page or if it is delayed than the promised deadline, your edit is free.
How to Order
To get a proposal that has perfect language, sentence construction, grammar and vocabulary, contact our team at You can place your order online as well to save on time.

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