5 Tried and Tested Copy Editing Tips for Converting your Average Thesis into a Compelling One

This entry was posted in Academic Writing , on April 24 , 2019.

No matter how novel and unique is your content, errors like content inconsistency, content/ sentence repetitions, grammatical and punctuation mistakes can grab the attention of the readers and can create a negative image about your research document. To avoid such a situation, one must copy edit his/her research document and ensure it is flawless and perfect.

Why Copy Editing Tips are Essential

The common question among scholars is, why it is mandatory to copy edit the thesis? Is it that important? The answer is yes. By copy editing the thesis you can ensure that
  1. Language and style used is consistent
  2. Idioms and phrases are aptly used
  3. There is content consistency throughout the thesis
  4. There are no errors in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc
5 Tried and Tested Copy Editing Tips for Converting your Average Thesis into a Compelling One

Often scholars end up messing their thesis while copy editing. To help such scholars out, we have conducted a survey among the organization offering PHD Editing Services and have come up with handy and tested copy editing tips that have the potential to transform an ordinary thesis into an enthralling work.

Check for references and citations 

While copy editing your thesis check for citations in the reference section. Take a hard copy of this section and highlight each citation thereby ensuring that there are no extra or any of the reference has not been missed out. Also, make your that the reference listed are accurate. You can make use of online resources like Google scholar to ensure accuracy.

Check for figures and tables

Pay close attention to the tables, figures, charts, and graphs as the overall presentation of your thesis depend on these aspects. Hence it becomes important to check the accuracy, alignment, and consistency of the included table, figures, headings, etc. If required to enhance their appearance, you can take help from editors offering PhD editing services. They include a cell of the table for the data point, note, etc. and make your thesis look perfect.

Check for missing and unwanted content

While writing the thesis you might have included certain contents which you felt was important at that point of time. But on the completion of the thesis writing process, you may learn that many of the content you have included are unnecessary. Make sure you remove such contents from your thesis. Also, in a hurry to complete the thesis you might have missed out several key contents without which your thesis would make no sense. Thoroughly go through the text and make sure you have included the significant contents.

Check for content consistency

Accidentally you might have left a sentence or section incomplete. Check for such incomplete sentence/ sections. Make sure the capitalization, spelling, hyphenation, italics, font, and quotation marks are included appropriately and are consistent throughout the text.

Check for the common errors

No matter how proficient you are in English language and its rules, during the thesis writing process you will end up committing minor to major mistakes. But copy editing gives you an opportunity to set such errors right. Carefully go through each sentence and check for dissertation formatting service, grammatical, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.If you wish to submit a flawless thesis and see your supervisor have nothing but all praises for you, copy edit your thesis now! If you need some assistance do not hesitate to take help from expert editors offering PhD editing services.