Check These Important Points Before Submitting your Manuscript

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Your research manuscript is an important and crucial set of documents that you will need to submit as part of the research project. Composed and written in detail, it has different sections that include relevant facts and information which must be clearly understood by readers. For ensuring that the final documents are polished and presentable it is good practice to follow a reference checklist of significant points.

Format the manuscript to maintain consistency

The format is the framework that holds your documents together and presents a uniform look and feel to the documents. It is a good idea to print the first draft to spot the formatting mistakes that appear more clearly in the printed copy. Some aspects to consider are:  

  • Margins
  • Headers
  • Spacing between sentences and lines, paragraph indents  
  • Fonts, page numbering, alignment
  • Section headings
  • Sentences length

Title Page

The title page must be descriptive, clear, brief and simple enough to understand the focus of the manuscript. It needs to attract and grab the attention of the readers. The author’s names and related information is also included in this section.


The abstract is a summary that represents the research and the main goal of the study and is written in a paragraph. You can write about the main research issue and the hypothesis, the methods you have used, the results or outcomes of the research. The key to writing this part correctly is balance, without too much or missing out vital details.


Paragraphs must be indented to make the format look clean and provides a neater structure. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and end with a transition sentence that goes on to the next topic for logical sequence.  Use double spacing for the text and avoid long sentences.


Make sure the headings and subheadings are appropriate and don’t include too many or it could confuse the reader and prevent the text from flowing smoothly to the next section.


Some scientific and technical topics have numerous abbreviations which can confuse the reader of the manuscript. Avoid overuse of abbreviations in headings or the main text as it can be an obstacle. Use abbreviations if you must, wisely and refer to previous manuscripts. You may observe abbreviations are not used in the abstract, keywords list or titles.

Units of Measurements

Graphs, maps, diagrams, tables can be used which can be self-explanatory and present results of the research clearly and numerically. Graphs should include axes, legends and labels. Figures must clarify the research understanding and must be referred in the main text and be of good quality.


Citing references is extremely important due to copyright rules and regulations. Use citing style according to the rules and guidelines provided. The references must include all the research publications that you may have used.

These are some useful and important manuscript tips to consider before you submit which ensures its quality and standard.

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