Steps in Writing a Dissertation

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The most crucial stage of your educational journey begins when you start writing your dissertation. Your dissertation showcases your skills and capability in choosing a topic, conducting a research and presenting the findings with the help of […]

Journey of Academic Proofreading: The Highs and Lows

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Academic proofreading jobs come with both highs and lows. Ask academic proofreaders and they will reveal how they have proofread different forms of academic papers including conference papers, books, book chapters, journal articles and more.Very few academic proofreaders will find […]

Doing PhD from Capella? Know these four important points while writing your dissertation

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Writing a successful dissertation for your PhD is an overwhelming task. If you are pursuing your PhD from Capella, then it is even bigger achievement. And therefore, to suit the standards of Capella, you need to make […]

Academic Grammar Guide for Doctoral Students – Series 1

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Scientific documents, most often are neglected with accuracy in grammar.  They are more often than not, filled with grammatical errors. If you are Ph.D. in the making, you will be writing a lot of lengthy documents at […]