5 Must Know Graphic Designs for a Start Up

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Graphic designs play a vital role in the modern advertising platform and have become an integral part of the business, marketing, magazines, etc. Graphic design can be considered as a tool through which you can convey your ideas effectively […]

Scholar Friendly Thesis Writing Process – 7 Do’s and Don’ts

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The process of thesis writing plays a vital role in a scholar’s academic career. Thesis lets you convey your thoughts/ ideas effectively to the reader if written in a good manner. Every word and phrase used in thesis writing […]

Publish Your Academic Document to Increase Your Academic Visibility

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The academic world has seen more changes than the stock market as with every new research; the field is subjected to have some changes. The researcher has to consider many changes in the academic world, but here a few […]

How to assess the quality of your dissertation?

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Assessing quality of your dissertation is a multi-dimensional aspect that varies on the basis of the type of research conducted. Qualitative research is assessed depending upon its credibility, dependability, transferability and conformability. Similarly, quantitative researches are assessed depending upon […]