Preparing Dissertation For Final Submission: Stepping the Stones

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The New Year is coming soon! So is the deadline for dissertation submission for you. As a PhD student, this simply means that you need to pull your socks up to prepare your dissertations for ultimate submission. […]

Check These Important Points Before Submitting your Manuscript

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Your research manuscript is an important and crucial set of documents that you will need to submit as part of the research project. Composed and written in detail, it has different sections that include relevant […]

How-to Guide for Rewriting Your Dissertation As a Book!

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What a chilling moment it is when your committee calls your PhD dissertation terrific, isn’t it?

The hard work, restless days, sleepless nights, and the surplus amount of anxiety and¬†frustration has paid off well in the end. Then […]

Why is editing service going speed up your proposal acceptance at Walden?

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Q. How can your professional editors improve my proposal?

A. Graduate programs do not include writing training. As a result, most of the academicians are inept writers. Often naive scholars are seen using split verbs, dangle modifiers, complex adverbs and […]