Unsupervised Learning: Get an Insight into Top 3 Learning Techniques in Deep Learning

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Deep Learning is gaining popularity among Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data scientist community. With growing time, it has become of the love of data lovers across the globe. However, of late, researchers have begun to question if […]

10 tips on How to Pen Down a Manuscript for Psychology Journal Publication

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Preparing a manuscript for a major psychology journal publication can be a daunting task for everyone, from first-time authors to even experienced researchers. However, all authors need is just a bit of help in preparing their manuscript in the […]

10 Great Tips for Good Editing to make your Good Research Great

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The internet is literally flooded with information on how you should edit a document. But if you have been in academics for some time, you would probably know that academic writing is no way similar to the otherwise casual, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing an Analytical Dissertation

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At a certain point in an academic journey, Universities demand scholars pin down a dissertation. Dissertation plays a vital role in a PhD degree as it involves evaluation, organization, composition of the data and describes the critical thinking and […]