The advantages of multiple rounds of editing

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Many academic support firms provide a service where they put the manuscript through multiple rounds of editing. The document is sent to an editor, usually a junior one, for the first round of editing. Once the editor […]

Should the Editorial Guidelines be Rigid

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Any editorial assignment should follow a set of guidelines, which has been provided by the client. It is required to follow the guidelines, as it acts as the framework, within which the entire editorial process has to […]

Getting your research paper published

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If you are looking for professional guidance for publishing your Research Paper, you can avail Journal Paper publication services from Edit n Publish. Our comprehensive services range from formatting, consultation, quality check, etc. The company will also […]

The importance of peer-review in journal publishing

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Peer-review is an effective way of reviewing journal articles before submitting it for publishing. This kind of review gives the writer a genuine feedback from peers of the industry that usually involve academic scholars and writers. Along […]