Preparing Dissertation For Final Submission: Stepping the Stones

June 12th, 2019 by
The New Year is coming soon! So is the deadline for dissertation submission for you. As a PhD student, this simply means that you need to pull your socks up to prepare your dissertations for ultimate submission. And this is right where several problems pitch in. It is equally important to give proper finishing touches to your dissertation to avoid any rejection that can spoil your happy new year mood. Here’s help on what and how to save your new year as well as dissertation:

Analyzing The Proposal

You might have burned the midnight oil to research on the materials for your dissertation. It is equally important to prepare the Dissertation Proposal Editing with great care. Basically, it comprehensively describes what your presentation is all about. While preparing it, ensure that you include certain points. For example, while choosing the title or theme, you must have emphasized on the several issues that your dissertation must deal with. Now, it is the time to revisit your dissertation proposal to make sure you have covered all the things you mentioned in your proposal initially.

Editing The Dissertation

The rule of thumb is never to edit while you write. Let your thoughts pour on the papers- unedited. It is smart to start editing only when you feel like going through a ‘writer’s’ block’ stage. It gives a break from the monotony, thus keeping you re-inspired. It also makes sense that you resort to an online editor if you have no time to edit the documents. And hiring such services is surprisingly affordable these days.

Proofreading The Dissertation

Would you want your examiner getting diverted from your excellence just because of some silly mistakes and typos or ill-formatting that you have accidentally done on your dissertation? To avoid this, proof-reading your work is worth a try! Even if you are not too competent in doing it, a number of proofreading tools are right there to assist. You will find them bliss, especially when you are not quite comfortable with English.

Reviewing It

Before you submit your dissertation, it is more than important to revise and review it. In fact, it is essential even when you have edited and proofread it with great care. Skim through the work to see that you have not put any haphazard references. Also, check whether your writing carries a direct argument that responds to your main question. Finally, ensure that the title of your dissertation goes well with your content.

The Mainstays of Ph.D.

August 17th, 2016 by
  • Ph.D. is always an emotional roller coaster, and quite often puts the researcher in a state of depression. There are a few essential components of Ph.D., as we may call them, that stay with all the scholars, irrespective of the subject, university or other standard factors. The four key components are, despair, remorse, splendour and motivation. All these are the mainstays in the life of a scholar, and they come and go, in a cyclic nature. With the ones who face them in extreme, often decide to just plain quit because they can’t handle it any further.
  • Despair: There is a lot of despair and depression in the Ph.D. journey as the path is lonely. It is a journey that one has to take up alone, and rarely do people bother about what you are doing. A lot of energy and effort goes from the end of the researcher, and there do come stages when the work doesn’t get approved and one has to face rejection despite all the effort. This brings in bouts of depression and feeling of anxiety. This further slows down the work and progress speed of Ph.D., causing for a vicious circle to creep up.
  • Remorse: Another shoot that comes out in the personality of a person during the Ph.D. progression is remorse.  So much of the effort, money and resources go into the Ph.D. programme that even a small failure in the journey, or a brief setback makes you feel that you have wasted everything, and this has a direct impact on your productivity, and hence further more guilt. Feeling of a low self-worth is a common trait found in Ph.D. students.
  • Splendour: There are those moments of glory during the programme. As I said earlier, these all phases come in a cyclic nature. The moment when the paper gets accepted, or there is progress in the flow of your work, there is a sense of accomplishment and splendour. One does feel on the seventh heaven. But then, there is another challenge to face. It is never ending, so the short lived ecstasy leads to the next bout of depression.
  • Motivation: The roller coaster ride that a Ph.D. programme is all about, has the journey filled with ups and downs, and so the motivation level also keeps fluctuating with the highs and lows of the journey. During the time that the spirits are high, it is best to exploit your potential, and take the best out of yourself.
  • Dissertation Proposal Editing Services

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    Still struggling with issues in your dissertation proposal? Is committee giving you tough time?Our editing services is an honest service that offers support to make your proposal submit ready. All our native English editors hold doctoral degree from reputed Universities across the world. Most of our editors have experience in publishing with reputed journals and  have gone through this process themselves.Poor English or non-compliance with academic guidelines dilutes the quality of research. Our editing services is the best bet to strengthen your first research document. We understand that research scholars have deadlines to meet and remain time-starved during the course of PhD. Since, research proposal is the first step to get started in PhD/EdD or PsyD, it is important to put your best foot forward and infuse confidence in your committee with your proposal. Our editors perform a thorough check, edit your dissertation proposal and make layout changes that will increase its approval chances.

    Scope of work in Dissertation Proposal Editing Service

    Structural Consistency
    Here, editors check whether the proposal ties paragraphs together logically. This is important for providing a strong support to research conclusions.
    Grammar and Spelling
    Plain or complex grammatical and spelling errors can easily turn off your readers. Our editors inspect your proposal for removing any errors in grammar or spelling, making your paper logical and easy-to-interpret.
    Choice of Words
    Possessing the knowledge of all the correct terms and words that need to go into a dissertation proposal, we will look into making your proposal clear and precise.
    We ensure your proposal conforms to the format prescribed by your University. We take care of citations and quotes used in the proposal. We perform a thorough check of punctuation, italics and capitalization as well.
    We offer customized dissertation proposal to meet the varied requirements of doctoral candidates. Some candidates need more of language editing, while for some, coherence of the document remains the key issue. Our services serves as a tool to check on the language mistakes, structural issues and formatting compliance. Our service ensures quality and timely delivery of your proposal, assured with a money back guarantee.
    Clients choosing our dissertation proposal editing service can be rest assured about the 100% confidentiality of their document.
    With a turnaround time of 2-14 days, clients can get their document quickly with the desired quality.
    Satisfaction Guarantee
    If your proposal is not edited as per the quality mentioned on this page or if it is delayed than the promised deadline, your edit is free.
    How to Order
    To get a proposal that has perfect language, sentence construction, grammar and vocabulary, contact our team at You can place your order online as well to save on time.

    DIY: Stress-Buster Tips for Editing Your Thesis

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    They say that researching, analyzing and writing your thesis are the most significant parts of the ‘PhD ride’. ‘They’ got it right! But what if all these parts are ignored when the readers find your thesis unreadable and unclear? Well, all those hours of sitting in front of your screen will go to waste! That’s where Editing comes into the picture as a savior from the failure! Here’s how you can edit your thesis in a fast forward way:

    Exchange Your Thesis with Your Friend

    Going through all those pages again can be tiresome and frustrating. After all, we aren’t robots that can concentrate for long hours on the same research. So, exchange your thesis with a friend’s and edit his/her document.

    Benefit: It will help you understand those writing mistakes that you couldn’t find before. As now, you will be the reader.

    Sit Down to Edit with Refreshment

    ‘To save yourself from getting bored, take a sip from coke’. Well, there’s no hard rule, you can use other drinks as well. Some may say that working with drinking or eating is a bad combination. On the contrary, I find them perfect. Long sips of your favorite drink between editing the thesis can not only relax you but give you a ‘tiny-miny’ break.

    Benefit: A tasty editing

    Find Your Spot

    Not the same one as Sheldon Cooper! Find a place that soothes your senses, eases the pain in your shoulders and energizes your brain. It could be your balcony, your morning-walk-park, your old cranky bed or your kitchen counter. Anywhere that can help you concentrate.

    Benefit: Editing will be fun

    Start From the Start

    Read your thesis chapter when you are done writing it. Don’t stall and wait until you complete your whole thesis. This will help you save a lot of time.

    Benefit: Zero panic level

    Get a Professional Help

    This last tip is the easiest one! There is no other way to say it, but, putting your load onto someone else’s shoulder is down-straight fun! Your only job will be to look for a reliable and experienced editing service and you’ll be good to go!

    Benefit:You won’t have to do anything

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    Importance of editing your PhD dissertation proposal

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    If you are unable to get a go ahead on your PhD dissertation proposal, there might be a problem in your content that you are unable to recognize. Many students submit the PhD proposal in a hurry since they have been given a deadline to submit the same. However, students do not realise that in this hurry, they end up making silly mistakes and grammatical errors that do not go unnoticed by the review committee. If your proposal is not properly edited, you have a high chance of it getting rejected.

    In your attempt to complete your PhD on time, submitting the dissertation is extremely crucial. In order to being writing the dissertation, getting your proposal is of vital importance. Therefore, a dissertation proposal plays an important role in your PhD and it cannot be ignored. If you are in a hurry to write, spare some extra time to edit your proposal. Your proposal is the first impression of your PhD dissertation. If the proposal is not up to the mark, the review committee will not let you proceed ahead. It is truly important to put your best foot forward in your dissertation proposal if you want to get a green signal to begin writing your dissertation.

    While editing your PhD dissertation proposal, you must keep in mind to check:

    Spellings and grammar: read each letter, each word and each sentence to make sure that you have not made any silly mistakes while writing Choose your words carefully: Check for the consistency in the kind of words that you have used. Stay away from jargons.

    Citations and formatting: it is important to maintain the guidelines in the proposal as much as maintaining them in the final dissertation Structured sentences: make sure that there is a correct flow in your sentences and the paragraphs are logically placed.

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    The advantages of multiple rounds of editing

    July 1st, 2014 by

    Many academic support firms provide a service where they put the manuscript through multiple rounds of editing. The document is sent to an editor, usually a junior one, for the first round of editing. Once the editor has run through the project and made all the required corrections then the manuscript is sent to a more senior editor. This editor then recommends improvements in the project so its quality can be improved even more. The manuscript is then sent through several rounds of editing till one is absolutely sure that it cannot be improved any further. Normally, highly technical documents or scientific papers that are going to be published in a leading journal are put through this rigorous process.

    Many journals have extremely stringent guidelines for accepting manuscripts and papers for publishing. They are known to reject documents for the most minor reasons. That is why editing companies put the document through several rounds of editing and get the opinion of many different experts. This way they can make sure that there is no reason within their control that might cause the document to get rejected.


    Along the way the researcher gets a lot of feedback from all the editors. He can use those feedbacks to make improvements to the way he has written the document. He can also use the feedbacks for future reference so that his general style of writing and his general way of research can be improved. Passing the document through so many editors also ensures that the writer gets different points of view. Different experts would come up with different ideas and the amalgamation of all those ideas would only serve to increase the quality of the project. There are many benefits to putting a document through multiple rounds of editing.

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    Edit your report for a better impression

    February 14th, 2014 by

    If the first impression is the best impression then any kind of dissertation or a project report will surely obtain better grades. To receive that best impression student need to struggle and spend more time on their reports. Students must draft a plan to spend sufficient time in preparing the report. Considerable amount of time must be spent on beautifying the report like performing editing, formatting and proofreading. For all these editing and publishing things, students have now got support in the form of service providers available in the market. They not only edit and format reports but also help in getting publish the report in journals and educational magazines. So, in simple terms, you get all services at one place.

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    Why Research Papers Need To Be Plagiarism-Free

    September 5th, 2013 by

    Plagiarism, as Wikipedia says, is a wrongful appropriation of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas or expressions and the representation of them as one’s own original work. Research papers, on the other hand, contains original research results or reviews existing results. Hence, research papers should not contain any copying/plagiarism from others sources unless giving credit where it is due. There is also a concept of self-plagiarism where in a person fail to provide the citations given in the original work.


    One of the main reasons for plagiarism today is the increase in the usage of internet activity. There are so many sources to get information for any given data. Publishing houses and many institutes do not consider plagiarized research papers as it would lead to an illegal activity. Objective of any institution is to gain new knowledge in any field and copying is not acceptable. It would lead to the legal issues of intellectual property/copyrights of someone else. Also, there may be instances where in one can find employment solely based on the stolen research paper. This may lead to risk to the employer.


    In the field of journalism, journalists are suspended from reporting activities when the plagiarism charges are investigated against them. In academia, students are given punishments such as low grade on a particular assignment/entire course, or even being expelled from the institution. Different institutes have different understanding and different structures to deal with plagiarism. Researcher has to understand their particular plagiarism rules in order to write an effective content.


    In order to get a good grade in the institute and in order to behave ethically and perform better in the corporate world, one as to prepare content, which is free of plagiarism. Researchers needs to be careful while editing and by checking plagiarism content with many online detectors and anti-plagiarism software available. Researchers can also avoid plagiarism by citing sources, quoting and paraphrasing. One has to also take adequate care of self-plagiarism.


    It is very difficult in the modern world to write a perfect research paper as one may blindly copy content from web and other sources which in themselves do not have original citations. In such cases, research writers can seek advises from experts, who have considerable education and experience, in the field of editing services. A customized service with the expert is preferred as the student has to work closely with the editor.


    Plagiarism free research paper makes a research writer to be confident of himself and his original work. He would be truthful, considerate and ethical in dealing with his research paper.

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    Grooming your dissertation for reputed research journals

    May 2nd, 2013 by

    A lot of hard work goes into the creation of an absolutely brilliant dissertation. If you are one of those research scholars who have created a brilliant dissertation after putting in a lot of dedication, then getting your research document published over a reputed research journal can turn out to be an added advantage. This blog would allow you to get an insight into how you can groom up your research document so as to submit the same to a renowned research journal.

    The errors which you need to look for while editing and proofreading your dissertation for journals are being shown in a pictorial form as below:-


    In order to ensure the 100% approval of your manuscript at a reputed research journal, it is quite essential for you to opt for highly professional dissertation editing and proofreading services offered by experts. These dissertation editors are competent in editing dissertations of any length and any complexity. They make it a point to eliminate all the errors which might have entered into the dissertation while it was being written down.

    While shaping up your dissertation for a renowned research journal, it is important for you to ensure that the paper is being formatted as per the guidelines set by the respective research journal; you intend to publish the same at. The research paper needs to be made 100% flawless so as to ensure that the research journals accept the same on the very first submission basis. I am sure if you edit your manuscript in a proper manner, your paper would surely get an easy entry into the top-rated research journals available over the internet.

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    Indepence from Plagiarism by Dependence on Plagiarism Checker

    April 27th, 2013 by

    When writing a research paper, the researchers should take due care not to plagiarize it. Plagiarism is an illegal act that may lead to a serious punishment. Increase in usage of internet in search of literature is one of reason for plagiarism. Plagiarism is very easy to detect, and most of institutions scan the research papers to check plagiarism against millions of resources online. Institution does not consider research papers which have plagiarism issues and rejects it. Plagiarism is an act of stealing the thoughts and ideas of others and using them in own research paper without any credit to the original author. Researchers can avoid plagiarism by citing sources, quoting and paraphrasing. As all researchers know that protection of intellectual works is as per copyright act, so copying is offense. Best ethical practice is acknowledging the ideas and thoughts that are copied from other sources. Editing services for dissertation help the researchers to write a paper without plagiarism.

    Most of the cases plagiarism is accidental, and researcher can avoid plagiarism if they are more conscious about own writing and research practices. More information on the importance of plagiarism check scan is available on the websites of almost all the dissertation editing companies that provide thesis editing services. The researchers need to be very careful while editing the paper, and check plagiarism using online detection services whenever required. Most of The educational institutions check research paper using plagiarism software, so it is advised not to take any chance on submitting a paper without checking plagiarism.

    Researchers can use online plagiarism scanner to avoid plagiarism in their research paper. Plagiarism scanning is crucial for research paper because of following reason –

    Literature available on the websites is of full plagiarism, and the researcher cannot distinguish genuine paper available in the website.

    Achieving degree is holder’s ability and knowledge. If the researcher gets employment based on stolen research paper, it may be a risk to the employer.

    Percentage of plagiarism is not important, but, detection of plagiarism is important. A small percentage of plagiarism is also considered to be illegal.
    The aim of the institution is to gain the new knowledge or technology, so copying the research paper is not acceptable by any institution.

    Institution punishes the researchers who are accused of plagiarism, and research work may be rejected.

    This act is unethical because credit goes to plagiarizer.

    Researcher cannot recognize the plagiarism in their paper without using scanner.

    It is unethical to copy the ideas and work of other. It is considered as stealing the intellectual property of someone else.

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