Are you looking for a software for editing your dissertation? Michelle Adams is the name of the software

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1. Are you struggling with the editing of your dissertation/research paper?

2. The internet is flooded of options to help you with this tough job. But which one is the right choice?

3. Do u have to buy a software that corrects/edits your document and helps you get published as well?

4. Which one is the best option?

Can I say that Michelle Adams is the one stop shop for all editing related concerns?

She is the software by herself because the kind of work she produces is no less than perfect and what she does better than a software is that she customizes the editing in accordance with the subjective requirement if the writer. The perfection that comes in her work comes from the passion that she carries for editing.

A PhD from Arizona state, she has been dissertation chair for over 45 candidates but she gave up her job to pursue academic editing in the year 2014, as she understood her calling was there and this is where she could give her best. It has been the best decision of her life because there hasn’t been any looking back after that.

A meticulous editor by nature, she looks into the smaller nuances in the document which other professional editors may ignore or not be even aware of. This brings out the best in the thesis or dissertation making it ready for not just submission but even for research papers, the probability of getting accepted increases manifold and this is what sets her apart from other editors?

One very useful tip that she wants to give to all writers is

“If you can try to eliminate small writing errors and things that editors can’t stand, your writing (and your personal brand) are going to be infinitely better. Plus, you could save yourself a ton of cash.” She says that the job of the editor is to fix more advanced grammatical issues and writers should be specific and focussed on basic grammar mechanics because editors are then able to work on the document in a better way.

Some of her tips are

1. Capitalize the first word of sentences/character names/etc.

2. Do not use apostrophes to indicate plurality.

3. Do not put two spaces after a period.

4. Don’t write about subjects that you aren’t familiar with or haven’t researched.

Scope of Dissertation Editing Service at EditnPublish

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Struggling with approval on your dissertation? Hire our editing services and increase chances of approval.

We are here to render editing support to all doctoral candidates struggling with grammatical and logical errors within their completed dissertations. Our editors are skilled in assessing dissertations for a range of errors that tend to enter during the drafting stage. All our editors are accomplished PhDs themselves, capable of polishing your dissertations to keep its credibility from start to finish.

EditnPublish’s editorial board makes sure your dissertation does not get rejected for avoidable mistakes. You just need to send in your completed dissertation and we are there to take care of everything that is crucial for enhancing its credibility.

Features of our Editing Services:

Our team of accredited dissertation editors covers areas including:

Editors will correct issues related to spelling and grammar in your dissertation. A consistent tense and diction will be followed throughout.

Too long or too short a sentence can alter the meaning and induce difficulty in understanding. Our dissertation editing service will improve sentence construction.

This service will bring in overall thought clarity in the document by deletion of redundant parts.

In-depth suggestions by PhD editors will give you a perspective to improve the dissertation on whole.

Editors look for proper page numbering within the dissertation. Page numbers in the preliminary material are omitted.

Single spacing and double spacing is tested for the dissertation and proper chances made to ensure the final copy has proper spacing for tables, long quotes and reference lists.

Editors look for formatting requirements such as alignment of body text, alphabetical ordering of references, arrangement of headings and subheadings. Formatting is to be selected as an add-on service with dissertation editing service while placing the order.

Editors check the manuscript for choice of words and correct use of homonyms. Grammatical and spelling errors with typographical errors and sentence fragmentation mistakes are corrected.

Manuscript is checked for complete adherence to University-prescribed citation style and required changes are made to the final document.

All web references are tested to assure the links work.


We take privacy of your information very seriously. Our 100% confidentiality clause for dissertation editing services allows you to remain stress-free about your project’s privacy


Our dissertation editing service is available with a turnaround time of 2-14 days.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Since past 6 years of our service, we have witnessed a 100% customer satisfaction rate and aim to continue this trend in the future.

How to Order

For more details on our dissertation editing service, write to us at You can also choose to order this service online at this order page.

Thesis Editing: A Step-Wise To Edit Your Own Thesis

March 1st, 2016 by

Editing your own thesis can be a tiresome process; however it can be simplified to a great extent by following this stepwise guide. Editing an entire thesis can be seen as a combination of 3 essential steps:

1. Reviewing the structure:

This consists of the following checklist:

i. Reviewing the entire structure of the thesis and tallying it with the structure you intend to present it in.

ii. Every section should logically follow from the previous section.

iii. Each paragraph should belong to its section and must not be out of place. There can be no ambiguity as to whether a particular paragraph belongs to the thesis or not.

iv. Each Paragraph should logically follow from the previous paragraph

v. All chapters and sections must be adhering to the prescribed order according to the thesis format.

vi. There must not be any abrupt arguments or facts. In other words, there should be smooth sailing among various sections and paragraphs.

vii. The Conclusion should be able to briefly conclude all findings and observations of the thesis.

viii. Referencing must be according to the format prescribed and no text that has been picked up from another researcher’s work should be left uncited.

ix. References in the end and the text extracted must be linked to each other such that if one clicks on the reference, it automatically takes them to the extracted text.

x. Bibliography page must be present and all references must be in alphabetical order. If there are any other guidelines stated then it should adhere to them.

xi. Additional Pages such as the title page, appendices and lists must be in the required order.

2. Reviewing the language: This step ensures that a thesis has effective use of English language.

i. Language used must be formal and academic in nature

ii. Each paragraph must open with a sentence that best describes its content and its relevance to the thesis topic. Opening phrases such as ‘therefore’, ‘wherein’, ‘on the other hand’ can help in formulating a logical sequence between paragraphs.

iii. The sentences that follow in a paragraph must develop on the idea stated in the first one.

iv. Every sentence must be grammatically correct

v. You should take care of the pronouns you are using, since a lot of schools do not approve of first person representation of thesis. i.e. Using the word “I”.

3. Proofreading: This is the final step that makes your thesis presentable to the reader before they actually go through it.

i. Check borders and margins. Insert according to the prescribed format.

ii. Check indentations of all lines and first line of every paragraph. According to a few formats, the first line of every paragraph must be more indented than the rest.

iii. Check font, font color and font size. At times you may not notice that the whole document is not of the same font or the same font size. You must ensure uniformity in your thesis.

iv. Check line spacing, bulleting and numbering in the text.

v. Go through the whole thesis sentence by sentence and remove any spelling errors, unnecessary words and phrases. There are times when these unnecessary words or phrases annoy the reader.

vi. Numbering of pages, Headers and Footers must all be checked.

vii. The Title page must have the title in one line, if it is longer then it must be broken to logical pieces.

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Things To Know About Dissertation Editing Process

June 8th, 2015 by

If you do not edit your dissertation, you should understand that your instructor may take off certain points that contribute more or less to your final grade. Some students, who do not edit their papers, do not get a proper grade. So, here are some things you have to know about your dissertation editing process.

The snowball effect

In a way, editing can snowball. It starts off really small and then, the edits get bigger till you incorporate certain changes to your research paper or dissertation. At times, editing does not get very extensive and is needed only for dissertations that have been written extremely well as a touch up. When you think of editing that way, then it is easy to understand how extensive the process can be or get.

Read your dissertation twice

There are minor edits that you can do to check for spelling errors in your dissertation. You should use the remaining time to check for spelling errors that are glaring such as typos and mistakes in grammar that you may have missed in the first round of checking. Minor edits such as grammar checks are usually done so that you can check whether the structure of the sentences is correctly done. In a way, it is better since the editor of the dissertation should not be able to catch too many mistakes.

Print out your dissertation

Even though it might feel like you are wasting paper, you really are not. When you print out your dissertation, you can actually see the mistakes that you have made properly. This will help you catch any structural errors that you have made in your dissertation. You could also check whether this step works or not when it comes to proofreading your dissertation. This will help you understand your mistakes better and correct them.

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How Professional Editing Services Help in Dissertation Publication

August 22nd, 2014 by

After you have completed your research and dissertation/thesis preparation, it becomes an important step to get your work published. Even though your work has been supervised by some of the best supervisors and academicians in your field of study, it may not be accepted by a publication on its face value. You will have to make your work ready for some reputed publications that have high publication standards to meet. Your work needs to be foolproof concerning such publication standards. For this purpose, it becomes important to get your thesis/dissertation reviewed by professional editors.


Professional editing services mend your work in a way to suit the needs of a selected journal or publication. You cannot just submit your dissertation directly to a journal for publishing purposes. It has to meet the publication’s linguistic and formatting standards, as well as needs to fit its recommended word and page count. Editing your work in a professional manner makes it flawless on linguistic standards. Professional editors usually have an in-depth knowledge of native English and professional style manuals. They can help you in complying with the styles and formats suggested by your selected journal.


Editors also have knowledge about several publications in a given study area. Thus, they understand the styles of renowned journals. They can then alter your paper to fit those styles so its chances of approval on the first submission attempt increase to a good extent. They can make your research paper or manuscript free of every single and minute error so journal editors or peer reviewers do not receive any chance to reject your paper based on language and styles. Some renowned editors, who have themselves worked with top publications, can also assist you with peer review. This may help you know the existing gaps in your content so it can be improved to meet the chosen publication’s standards before submission.

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Benefits of ESL Editing Services for Non-Native English Students

January 15th, 2014 by

English is an effective language that is used widely in academics. It is preferred by a number of colleges and universities across the globe. Students are required to write dissertations or thesis in English with perfect grammar and vocabulary.

Non-native English students often find it difficult to speak and write perfect English. Document editing service providers prove to be very beneficial for non-native English students, especially when they are preparing their research papers and other academic documents. This type of ESL Editing Services will help students in submitting error free research papers.

Students who are in search of ESL editing services can approach, where they are provided with various editing and proofreading services. Students will avail the benefits of services provided by this firm, which are as below –

  • Most of the ESL students can write good English. Despite of good writing skills, there are more chances of doing minor mistakes while writing research paper. A professional ESL editor can go through the entire document to check and identify the mistakes that the students have missed while editing. Professional editors can make use of a variety of tools to make sure that the research papers are perfect in terms of language.
  • As the documents are reviewed by highly experienced professionals, students can stay assured about the quality of their document.
  • Students can save a lot of time by approaching ESL editing firms
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Role of Professional Dissertation Editing Services

June 18th, 2013 by

Students who are pursuing a post graduate programme might be well aware about all the hassles which tend to arise during the dissertation editing process. Submitting a dissertation on time might be difficult especially when you are stuck with various other activities related to your academic career. There are times when you might have to devote a whole lot of time into just the editing part of your dissertation. It is here where the importance of hiring professional Dissertation Editing Services is being recognised.

Dissertation is a multi-chaptered document which requires many months and even years to complete. When you are new to handling this responsibility, you can easily opt for the Dissertation Editing assistance offered by an expert who would ensure that your dissertation is free from all sorts of ambiguities, whether they are grammatical errors, syntax errors, sentence structural errors etc. Today, most of the research students are choosing the expert editing services offered by highly professional editors who are highly competent in resolving all the editing issues pertaining to the complete editing of a dissertation. By submitting a quality dissertation, you can easily improve your chances of grabbing excellent grades from your reviewing authorities. It actually takes a lot of time in writing a dissertation and hence it is absolutely essential for you to be very cautious about editing the same in the most effective manner.

Research students need to ensure that their dissertation is free from all sorts of plagiarism issues becauseeven a minor error can interfere adversely with the credibility of the dissertation. So, if possible the students should opt for a dissertation editor well in the beginning of the dissertation writing process so as to ascertain that he/she is going in the right direction and not wasting his/her precious time in creating a worthless research document.

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