5 Must Know Graphic Designs for a Start Up

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Graphic designs play a vital role in the modern advertising platform and have become an integral part of the business, marketing, magazines, etc. Graphic design can be considered as a tool through which you can convey your ideas effectively and enhance communication with the users. It summarises your ideas, sends a message of professionalism and sets you apart from the crowd.

Now, the most frequently asked question is, how can a graphic design service make a difference to your start-up?
Without an excellent graphic design, a company will not be able to highlight its product and increase its customer base, which ultimately affects the business and profitability of a company. The well designed graphic design seeks to attract the attention of a massive amount of people and help in boosting up sales, establishing a business name, thereby helping them maximize the profitable base of the business. Especially if you are a start-up, an excellent graphic design can do a lot for your company. It can attract loyal customers, help you build your brand and witness your business reaching its deserved new heights.

Some of the latest and most popular graphic designs that are trending in the market are:

  • 3D images and text- When done right, 3D graphics can make the viewer feel like, they can reach out and touch them. By rendering text and images in 3D, you can make viewers’ brains register them as physical, palpable, touch and-pick-up-able. Any text can be made 3D, regardless of their font or style. The same can be done for objects or collections of objects. 3D designs have an added benefit of feeling futuristic, positioning your brand on the cutting edge.
  • Art Deco- Art deco is all about being as shiny and ornate. They are highly detailed and are glossy style. The think long, leggy letters in typography and shiny, metallic imagery with hard lines can add a feeling of luxuriousness to your website.
  • Mid-century modern- Mid-century modern design makes use of clear and clean lines, that are often juxtaposed against softer shapes. It also uses deliberate patterns to create a texture that makes up for the lack of other details. Mid-century modern is completely opposite to that of art deco. Here the form should follow the function, and any part of a design that doesn’t have any purpose need not be there.
  • Isometric words- Isometric design shows 3D objects in 2D. This happens through shading and angles that create a sense that you are looking at the object from a specific perspective. This type of design has a clean and simple personality that made flat design popular. When used to create objects and scenes, it gives a viewer a world that they can imagine themselves inhabiting.
  • Serif- This graphic design trend flies under the radar consciously. By making use of this font, you can easily grasp viewer attention, as they will see an unexpected font. Serif makes letters more recognizable and distinct thereby making the text easier to read.
You will never get a second chance to make the first impression. Get a new look to your website now and see the world talking about it.

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