10 Movies about Writers

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Thesis and dissertation editing are some of the services evolved to assist students in the academic work. Besides polishing the dissertation, these services reduce the stress in students. Writing is not only challenging for students, but the authors and journalist also deal with problems. There are many movies made on writers, here are 10 movies about writers –

Barton Fink

The movie is about the vicissitudes of writing. The story revolves around Barton Fink, who moves from Newark to Hollywood to write for movies, but he yearns to write for the common man, even when he is offered a huge sum of money by major studio for a mindless wrestling movie.

The Shining

The movie is the screen adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining which is a horror movie telling the tale of a supernatural hotel and a writer’s descent into insanity and an interesting tale of his renowned ill temperament.


It is an American comedy-drama based on the nonfiction book by Susan Orlean, The Orchid thief. It is the story about a famous author who is hired to write a screenplay for “The Orchid Thief” is unable to do so as he is stuck by the write’s block.


The movie is a biographical film about Truman Capote, an American novelist, following the events during the drafting of his nonfiction book In Cold Blood, written by Gerald Clark.

The Great Beauty

The movie is about a journalist, Jep Gambardella, who realizes the emptiness in his 65th birthday after the spending his life writing about the extravagant life in Rome’s nightclubs and parties soon after hearing fame with his only great novel.


It is an American psychological thriller based on the novel, Misery by Stephen King about a fan who captivates the author get her stories written by him.


The movie is based on the novel sideways by Jim Taylor, about a struggling writer and his friend, who take a week long road trip just before one of them is about to get married.


It is a thriller movie, about once-successful playwright Sidney Bruhi, who plan the murder of his student who has written a good script and announce the script as his own.

Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters

It is an American-Japanese movie based on the life and work of a Japanese writer Yulio Mishima.

Henry Fool

This movie is about two friends, who start their life together in the field of writing, but the egoistic and talentless man, Henry Fool sinks his life with alcohol and crime, whereas his friend Simon writes the great American poem and ascents to the height of winning the Nobel prize.

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