What are the options I can avail for editing?
Can I change the editing service I opt for, once I have placed my order?
What qualifications do your editors hold?
How do you train your editors?
What is the competitive advantage that you offer?
How do you ensure the safety of the information I provide?
What are the English language styles you use while editing?
What is the difference between substantive editing and proofreading?
Is document formatting a part of your offerings?
Do you accept projects that are in LaTeX or TeX formats?
How do I ensure that the word count of my document does not increase after editing?
Can I contact the editor directly for an explanation?
What is the time frame within which I can expect a response from your team
My work is in PDF file format. Can I get it edited?
What is Multiple Round editing (MRE)?
Will I get an editing certificate?