Are you looking for a software for editing your dissertation? Michelle Adams is the name of the software

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1. Are you struggling with the editing of your dissertation/research paper?
2. The internet is flooded of options to help you with this tough job. But which one is the right choice?
3. Do u have to buy a software that […]

Steps in Writing a Dissertation

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When you enter into the point of writing your dissertation, you are surely on the verge of ending a crucial stage of your educational journey. The main motive of writing your dissertation is showcasing your skills and […]

Journey of Academic Proofreading: The Highs and Lows

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Academic proofreading jobs come with both highs and lows. Ask academic proofreaders and they will reveal how they have proofread different forms of academic papers including conference papers, books, book chapters, journal articles and more. Very few academic proofreaders will […]

Doing PhD from Capella? Know these four important points while writing your dissertation

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Successfully writing your dissertation for your PhD is like a big achievement. But it is also an overwhelming task. If you are doing PhD from Capella, you need to understand the sequences and steps to ensure that […]